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Living in the United States, September 11, 2001 was a time for serious introspection for me. Events like those don’t happen overnight. A lot of things lead up to such events and to react to those events without a good review of cause and effect did not make logical sense to me. Looking at the big picture, I came to the conclusion that lack of proper education contributed to the events of that day. Using education to fix those problems is a slow organic process that could take one or more generations to change attitudes, traditions and to trump the demented dogma that led to that event. The best way to address such issues is to help the young people open their minds to other ideas, cultures and concepts. My wife Cookie and I decided that we must do our part and support education in under developed countries to open the minds of the young people to allow them to see what all is out there.

We started supporting various causes for education until several years ago, one of my friends from Indianapolis, Azhar Khan, introduced us to the Seeds of Learning. This is a group that supports The Citizens Foundation (TCF) that currently runs, operates and manages close to 1000 schools in Pakistan for close to 150,000 under privileged children. TCF has offered hope and a path to achieving the goals and dreams that young people have set for themselves which would not have been achievable otherwise.(http://www.tcfusa.org/)

This is the noblest of all causes. Haris and I decided to dedicate our efforts of flying around the world to the cause that is being pursued by TCF. We requested the approval of the founders and the board of directors of TCF to allow us to dedicate our efforts to their worthy cause and they graciously accepted and approved. We plan to have the TCF logo painted on the plane and will make as many stops at the TCF chapters worldwide and TCF schools in Pakistan as we can. We want to be the brand ambassadors of TCF to promote dogma free education all over the world.

  1. Jim says:

    I and my coworkers were privileged to know and work with Babar during his stay in Tennessee. Our prayers and condolences go to his family for their loss. Like so many others have stated, their lives and deeds will not be forgotten.

  2. Faizan says:

    Your sacrifice is enormous and it will not go in vain. I, being a Pakistani belonging to a remote area of interior Sindh, would remember that great effort. I’ll try my best to raise the same awareness. I don’t have words to thank you. All I can say is may God accept your sacrifice in this holy month of Ramadan. Rest in Peace!

  3. Safdar Khwaja says:

    Stunned and shocked to hear about this unfortunate end to a heroic journey. Being a fellow pilot and business associate in Pittsburgh, PA, Babar’s spirit for adventure and accomplishment inspires me. Young Haris’ commitment is a great role model for our youth – his soul will live forever. Praying for the family and the immortal adventurers.

  4. Sarah says:

    Young Haris lost his life for noble cause – RIP!

    Prayers for the safe return of Babar Suleman – who is still missing and may Allah give strength to the family to bear this loss!

  5. Huma says:

    “Times too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice. But for those who love, time is eternity”May Allah subhana’s mercy be with you

  6. madhava says:

    You two souls gave your life for a noble cause doing what you love the most in the world. RIP.

    • Capt. Usman Azmat says:

      Today I am very very SAD to hear about the accident and shaken at the same time. Myself form the Pakistani Community based (Maryland) Pilot CFI with over 1500 hours of dual given. As I am wiring this Chills are going thru my body. I can understand and feel the flight form pago pago airport. on departure. This was a dangerous Course. My heart goes out to the family and especially to the Mother. MAY all rest their Soul In Janah. GOD BLESS.

    • abd gani says:

      Sad to hear that…

  7. Amir says:

    Innalillahiwainnaileyhi Rajeon.

    We are proud of both of you and your noble cause. I hope the father is fine and ok adn we are all praying for him.

  8. Adil Mulki says:

    Seventeen in not the age to die. But when you are at war and the only way forward is through great dangers, it becomes a realistic probability. Haris Suleman was ready to rise up to the occasion and fly through it in his quest to fight illiteracy and win the fight for Pakistan’s underprivileged children.

    Unfortunately, on the last and the most dangerous leg of his journey, he perished. His death was not a fizzling out but a remarkable spark that will continue to enlighten the hopes and lives of many a soul.

    During his short span that he spent in this world, he gained the maturity to realize the importance of education and the need to help others obtain it. He also got to experience an adventure that lesser mortals can only dream of. Unfortunately, the adventure ended with his death – but his journey, in quest of delivering education and helping others remains alive and gains strength from Haris’ efforts.

    Haris and Capt. Suleman Sr. – Pakistan salutes you.

  9. david says:

    Your noble adventure and deed will be admired forever …. Rest In peace

  10. Ahmed says:

    Sad, shocked and shattered.

  11. Don Hull says:

    I so enjoyed reading your blog and sharing your adventure. I am saddened by the reports I have just received. May your family be comforted in your grief.

  12. Judy Parrish says:

    The flying community weeps today.

  13. Sufyan says:

    Sorry to hear about you both.
    May Allah grant you both Jannah..

  14. Syed Arif Athar says:

    Dear Babar Bhai

    It is highly encouraging to see the effort put into such a noble cause by the 2 of you and
    the whole team.
    Could not resist appreciating your venture , which when mentioned, the first time to any one, results in a WOW!
    May You and Haris, be safe and sound throughout this journey. By following you guys , it
    is like travelling through time. Looking at the 30 Days is interesting as it has a projection
    to Jules Verne and hence adds a flavor of an adventure.
    I think it is all about sharing with others what ever one can share.

  15. Jim Burnham says:

    Keep up the great flying and enjoy the journey! My son and I are both IFR pilots and I think you just inspired us to push ourselves. Our hats are off to your resolve and committment.

  16. Danial Shah says:

    THIS IS AWESOME. Please take me to a ride with you too, i will take photographs and write about it ;).
    Have a safe journey and best of luck for this cause.

  17. Ahmed says:

    Best of luck with rest of the journey. Your flight plan says you will be travelling to Australia too according to the Dawn Karachi, wondering how far south will you be coming?

  18. Group captain Iqbal Haral says:

    Best of luck and good wishes to both of u. we are waiting for ur safe landing at Lahore.
    We r proud for ur contribution to the noble cause of education for the underprivileged kids of Pakistan.

  19. Ron Saxman says:

    You go Babar and Haris! I will be watching!

  20. Kevin Mcgagh says:

    Good luck my friend. I will be following your progress.

  21. Anjum Zia says:

    Dear Babar,
    Wish and pray for your safety and successful completion of the objective. You make 21st entry and every Pakistani very proud, so to say the least.
    May our prayers keep your wings lighter for better LIFT, your speed Godspeed – (Thrust & more tail wind), without any hazards (Drag) and overcoming any burden (Weight).
    Suggest that you additionally keep a handheld satellite phone, lots of chocolates and nuts (not your friends) on board.
    May Allah SWT be with you and make your flight a complete success.
    Praying for you and Harris,
    Anjum Zia

  22. Waqar Ali Khan (Vicky) says:

    I have always been appreciative of some pretty bold positive steps & initiatives taken in life by us adventurous buddies from the 1970′s from Islamabad Pakistan (success belongs to those who dare). But hey I cant help hide my concerns….Haris seems too young to be doing this my dear friend Baber Suleman (its not that you are in a circus or in any hurry, are you sure both Plane & Plans are matured and persons-flying ready). Personally speaking I am not convinced of the personal risk being taken here for the cause (I am sure there are other ways of glorifying education with better understanding & solid ground-handling). Take care dear friends (with best regards to Baber & Cooki from respective college friends, Waqar & Maria _always there for you guys in Rwp Pakistan).

  23. Usman Sadiq (Tipu) says:

    Hi Babar, what a wonderful thing you and Haris are doing for TCF. Circumventing the globe is something of a dream for all aviators more so for those in general aviation. We are supporters of the TCF here in Karachi. You have chosen to support a great cause. TCF is managed by one of the best team of people that can be and have achieved fantastic goals!

    Do you come to Karachi on this flight or will you go to Islamabad?

    Excuse my asking but you are Babar Suleman from Islamabad of the late 70s early 80s?

    If you do come via Karachi we would love to come and greet you and wish you on your way when you depart!

    All the best, Godspeed & be safe…always!

  24. My personal best wishes Babar Suleman to you and to young Haris Suleman for this adventure of a life time. It is indeed a great effort on your part and a noble cause for promoting education for the underprivileged children in Pakistan. God speed and the best of tail winds. AAMEEN

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