Posted: February 26, 2014 in Adventure

With the latest calculations, and the route selection, we can safely fly around the world with a 105 gallon Turtlepac (flexible tank that we can fill up when we need to, otherwise, we fold and stow it out of the way).  The 105 gallon Turtlepac gives us a total of 219 gallons of fuel.  Burning a leisurely 16 gallons an hour gives us a comfortable range of 1600 miles with a three hour reserve.  Our longest leg is 1628 miles from Northern Japan to Adak, Alaska.  A fellow pilot has 4 – 55 gallon barrels of avgas stored at Adak that he has offered to sell to me.  But Adak is not a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) designated port of entry.  I called the CBP office in Anchorage Alaska and was informed that I must submit a written request with all of our details and a one time permission will be granted that will allow us to land, refuel, take off and report to Anchorage or another CBP port of entry in Alaska.  This has turned out to be a lot easier than I had originally thought and it makes our life a whole lot easier as we don’t have to carry an unusually large amount of fuel for that leg.  I will confirm all of my calculations with Bill Compton this week before I place the order for the Turtlepac from Australia.  The company that installs the Turtlepac will also install the HF radio, antenna and my backup electric Attitude Indicator (AI).  By going to one installer, we will minimize our downtime for the plane.

The route planning has started in earnest now.  Haris has objected to me trying to eliminate Brunei, Bali and Oshkosh.  I guess I will have to rework the plan to include those destinations in our plan…… We have now started developing our planning worksheets for each leg of the flight.  We will publish the planning sheets and as we progress thru this flight, we will post the updated sheets as well… see how well we planned and executed this plan…..





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