Planning – Avionics

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Adventure


In talking with some earlier earthrounders and doing some research, we have made a final decision on the avionics package to use for this  trip.  In that, we have ordered a Garmin 796 with a GDL 39D with worldwide database, have ordered the worldwide database for the panel mounted Garmin GNS530W and a further backup with an Ipad Air running Foreflight and Garmin Pilot with synthetic vision.  The Garmin GDL 39D feeds both the Garmin796 and the Ipad.  Additionally, we have decided to add an electric Attitude Indicator (AI) as a back up to the vacuum based installed in the panel and have also replaced the vacuum pump with a new one.  The Garmin 796 also has a digital AI and other gizmos like the Airspeed Indicator (ASI) and Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI).  For documenting our flight, we have decided to go with Garmin Virb Elite and will put one unit on the wing and one in the cockpit.  Since we have already have the ICOM IC-706 HF radio, we need to get an auto tuner and figure out the antenna installation.  This should finalize our avionics package for the trip…..things are coming together, slowly but surely… to somehow complete the route planning so we can decide how much fuel to carry……planning, planning, planning and then some more planning…..

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