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Posted: February 2, 2014 in Adventure

Living in the United States, September 11, 2001 was a time for serious introspection for me.  Events like those don’t happen overnight.  A lot of things lead up to such  events and to react to those events without a good review of cause and effect did not make logical sense to me.  Looking at the big picture, I came to the conclusion that lack of proper education contributed to the events of that day.  Using education to fix those problems is a slow organic process that could take one or more generations to change attitudes, traditions and to trump the demented dogma that led to that event.  The best way to address such issues is to help the young people open their minds to other ideas, cultures and concepts.  My wife Cookie and I decided that we must do our part and support education in under developed countries to open the minds of the young people to allow them to see what all is out there.

We started supporting various causes for education until several years ago, one of my friends from Indianapolis, Azhar Khan, introduced us to the Seeds of Learning.  This is a group that supports The Citizens Foundation (TCF) that currently runs, operates and manages close to 1000 schools in Pakistan for under privileged children.  TCF has offered hope and a path to achieving the goals and dreams that young people have set for themselves which would not have been achievable otherwise.(

This is the noblest of all causes.  Haris and I decided to dedicate our efforts of flying around the world to the cause that is being pursued by TCF.  We requested the approval of the founders and the board of directors of TCF to allow us to dedicate our efforts to their worthy cause and they graciously accepted and approved.  We plan to have the TCF logo painted on the plane and will make as many stops at the TCF schools in Pakistan as we can.  We want to be the brand ambassadors of TCF to promote dogma free education all over the world.

  1. Nida says:

    What you are doing is really inspirational. TCF is surely a successful charity organization and with supporters like you, they will be able to do a lot more. We don’t really realize the role education can play in the well being of a society but am sure with efforts like these we will see a better world in the near future. May you succeed in this amazing journey of yours!

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