The Planning – Longer List

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Adventure

In planning this trip, I want to stay away from Russia and some well known third world countries where graft and attitudes could trip up even the best laid out plans. Therefore, I have not even considered the Aleutian route…. also, the longest leg along the Aleutians seems to be about 2000 miles, which is pretty close to the Hawaii – Van Nuys leg of about 2100 miles, but saves two to three days….. I also want to complete this trip within 30 days, if possible.

Currently I only have a single GNS530W in the plane and will need a second long range navigation device. If I get a second GNS430 installed, I could use the same data card. But that would be going
backwards. Should I just install a GTN750 or GTN650 for the trip and then think about what to do with the avionics after I come back ?

Regarding the extra fuel, going with Turtlepac, if I get the 160 gallon unit, it solves a heck of lot of problems and allows us to fly much longer legs thus avoiding some undesirable countries and
locations. We plan to remove the rear four seats and the extended baggage compartment to reclaim some of the useful load. With my son and I and 280 gals of fuel, we are looking at about 2200 lbs – putting us 15-20% over gross…..with this much load, we will have to find only 6000 ft + runways for the entire trip and being that it will be¬†summer in the Northern hemisphere…. or only
load up with fuel when needed and plan those departures from loooonng runways….

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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