The Planning – Long List

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Adventure

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

Easier said than done.  How does one plan for unknown unknowns (borrowed from that genius-Rumsfeld) ….

On a happier note, Star Airborne Data Services ( has graciously agreed to sponsor this flight and have offered to install real time monitoring, texting and satellite phone in the plane.  That takes care of a huge headache…. Thank you Viraf Savak Kapadia and Amir Bhatti…..

To figure out the unknown unknowns, I am trying to reach out to those who have already gone around the world to learn from their experience and wisdom.  A lot of my pilot buddies and acquaintances have been offering a lot of good advice, but I have not as yet talked with someone who has completed the entire trip.  In the process I have exchanged emails with quite a few “in the planning” or “wannabee” phase, and they have very good info as well, but not the real thing….. I need to make some very hard decisions within a week or so….they will have an impact on our trip in June.

Aviation mechanics are an awesome bunch, but they have absolutely no project management or planning skills. ZERO.  The concept of planning ahead is quite difficult for them to grasp.  When they come up to a show stopper (missing gasket or hardware), they stand around scratch their head (or other parts of their anatomy) and then order the missing item-to be shipped overnight, at a greater expense….. not a very good way to proceed…. anyways, the plane has been delayed by at least one week because I have three mechanics involved in several missing pieces….exhaust hardware for turbo normalizer, alternator on back order, hoses not ordered until now…..these items could have been ordered any time in the last two months when EVERYONE knew the engine was being overhauled…..frustrating ? Heck yes !  Just have to bite my tongue…… anyways….on to bigger and better things…..

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