Birth of an Idea….

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Adventure, Flying, Life, Nostalgia, Training

PROLOG: September 5, 1971…..Sargodha Train station…. early morning, Chenab Express train unloading a bunch of very young, aspiring fighter pilots, in the incubation phase…pre-cadets…piled off the train, dumped their luggage into a 3-ton military truck and clamored into waiting blue Air Force buses for the ride to Pakistan Air Force College Sargodha….. a ride of their life time……. to be assigned to their houses or squadrons…. a new beginning … to boldly go where they had not gone before…. a little apprehension, a little fear and a whole lot of excitement at what lay ahead…. yes I wanted to be a pilot ! A fighter pilot ! …but what did that mean….

  1. Faiyaz Syed says:

    A very good starter for a documentary. I can visualize Sargodha Train Station, Chai Garam with Boiled Eggs and many other Vendors at the scene, he comes Chenab Express into the station…………….

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