The Planning – Useful Load

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Adventure, Flying, Travel

To maximize the fuel we can carry, we must reduce the total load.  So, we have decided to both lose 10-15 lbs of body weight and remove the four rear seats and rear baggage compartment.  We are looking at 100 or 160 gallon collapsable tanks.  With the 160 gallon tank, we get a total of 280 gallons giving us an effective range of 3000 miles with a 1.5 hour reserve and way more options on where to stop and how much fuel to tanker for our next leg.  With this kind of range, we can go from the US to UK non-stop…not that I want to do it.  I have had all of these discussions with my mechanic (A&P and IA).  With this modification, we will have to get a ferry permit for the plane as it is no longer a regular plane.

Now we can start looking at the various flight plans we have been kicking around…..

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