The first leg

Posted: June 20, 2014 in Adventure

June 19….

We departed Greenwood airport 2 hours later than planned as we forgot some essential items at home and my better half had to double back and get them for us while we prepared for the departure.  The departure itself was uneventful, with Haris in the left seat (PIC-Pilot in Command).  The winds were worse than the forecast, which tells us that for the next leg, we may need to carry more reserve fuel.  One of the local news channel helicopters shadowed us as we departed and informed us that they will be close so we don’t panic upon seeing them flying that close to us.

We were vectored around first by the US air traffic control and then the Canadian ATC.  That added miles, time and gas to our trip.  Almost half of the trip was in clouds and as we started picking up ice, we descended to an altitude where there was no ice.  Canada has two seasons, winter and darn cold winter !

Interesting experience landing at “SET EELS” (that is how the cannucks pronounce it :) :) :), we kept calling it “SEPTILES”…. there was no police or security as we landed unannounced for a “technical stop” (technical term used for such events). We had to seek out security who took down my pilot license info, wished us good luck and left. No one asked to check for a passport or anything else, just telling them that I was not comfortable with the amount of fuel left, they were satisfied. The Montreal approach took flight plan info on the radio on the ground, filed our flight plan and got us air borne in 10 minutes. Upon landing at Goose Bay we called immigration and customs on the phone, they talked to us on the phone for 5 minutes and gave us a confirmation number and that was it.

I shudder to think if this had been the US we’d still be in jail ! :) :) :)

  1. Faiyaz Syed says:

    Haris; We all know you can make it. You are going to write a history for a great cause. Alhamdu lillah God is on your side.

  2. Mohammad Athar Kheiri says:

    We wish you a safe and joyful journey. May Allah (SWT) continue to shower His blessings on both of you. You are in our prayers every moment. Good luck

  3. Waqar (Vicky) says:

    Happy Landings All The Way Round-trip (interesting narrative by Babar).

  4. Arif Rao says:

    All the best for the historic journey…

  5. Sohal Shafi says:

    Good Luck. Wish you have safe landings and come back with a world record.

  6. A. Tanhaa says:

    Every aerial journey starts with a first leg. You did good. Glad to hear that the bird did not have hiccups or sneezes. Just watch for the Canadian geese, they are notorious and always give hard time to the Americans. Stay safe and take plenty of rest before each flight. Enjoy the journey.

  7. Kaylee and Leanne says:

    We hope that you have a safe travel around the world!!

    From: Kaylee and Leanne

    Kaylee typed this :)

  8. Zahed Kuddus says:

    wish you clear skies

  9. Zahed Kuddus says:

    Good start with people on your side. Allah bless the Canadians. which you clear skies.

  10. Naqi Sadiq says:

    Alhamdullillah you completed the first leg safely I am in Hong Kong flight delayed so might not be their to greet you. But will see you off on Subday , my number if u havent got it is 00447863148622 good luck with the Atlantic sector. See u at Biggins hill safe flight. Naqi

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