Planning – T minus 5 and counting….

Posted: June 4, 2014 in Adventure

We are at T minus 5 and counting.  Today the Star Navigation system’s technical people showed up and we met with the FAA official in charge who gave us the requirements for installing their system in our plane.  Now we pretty much have two of everything in the plane except for the engine !  Today, the tires, tubes and brake pads were changed.  The new secure locks will be installed tomorrow and so will some other avionics items like the backup electric AI with the right tilt and the cooling fans for the GNS 530W.  My Avionics guy, Lewis Holder is ON it.  On thursday we plan to get the plane washed and waxed.  The last item will be a final inspection by my A&P/IA.  Once he gives me a clean bill of health, I will take the plane to Indianapolis on Thursday night.  Friday we change the oil in preparation for our departure on Sunday for New Jersey.

I have already developed our oceanic flight plans with the latitudes and longitudes of the reporting points.  Sunday morning, I plan to get hotel reservations for the first two legs of our trip…..

  1. Zawar Saleemi says:

    Sounds fun and hard work guys. Best of luck and enjoy!!

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