Planning – T minus 10 days (T-10)

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Adventure

Haris got his vaccinations done last week in Indianapolis.  I opted to go yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama.  The nurse was very efficient and thorough.  After a detailed consultation, I ended up getting what was required and some.  She did warn me that I may be feverish and that one arm was going to hurt a bit (she may have embellished a little there).  I have to get a booster shot next Wednesday to complete the course.  I did get the health document that I will need in a lot of countries.

I was going to get the plane back after having it weighed yesterday, but the weather turned really bad and I decided to forget about it.  This morning I have to get the plane early and fly it to a nearby airport to get the HF radio and a couple of other small but important items taken care of.  The logistics of moving the plane around can get interesting.  My car is not where I would want it to be… I need to figure out who to ask for a ride to get me back to my car.  On Monday, we are supposed to get tires/tubes/brake pads and door locks replaced-finally !  Star Navigation folks informed me yesterday that they would not be able to put a satellite phone in the plane as they could not find one that operates on 14 volts.  So, their system gives me real time monitoring and text messaging.  I already have these two features in my Satellite phone and InReach tracker.  So, I have to make a decision today – there is just too much maintenance going on and I need to stop it….. I do have to get the prop balanced as now I have 100 hours on the engine and a balanced prop will mean a smoother ride….I have made arrangements in Indianapolis to have it done on Saturday.  If it does not happen on Saturday, I have another guy lined up to do it on Monday.

I received the ferry tank installation and operations manual yesterday.  I am impressed with the way it has been put together with all the details and drawings – not that I would ever want to attempt doing it myself…. I also had a long talk with Matt Pariera of Air Mods in New Jersey, who submitted all of the required paperwork to the FAA regional and local offices.  Once everything gets approved, I have to email it to Honolulu, Hawaii so I can get the sign off from the local FAA office there to take off in an overgross configuration when we are on our way back(I have always wanted to make that radio call that fully loaded FedEx cargo planes make : Approach control N20TC-heavy…. :) :) :) ).

Everything that we had ordered and/or wanted to take with us has arrived except for the Mustang full immersion suits.  They are in transit and should be delivered by Monday.   The only item that I am not very comfortable with is the oil changes that I plan to do while en-route.  Eddie from GASE has made arrangements for two of those at Biggin Hill and Darwin, Australia.  If I take one case with me, then I can use it in Pakistan for the oil change.  Along with the oil, there is a recurring AD (airworthiness directive) to grease the uplock rollers that are part of the landing gear system.  Dust and debris get into the uplock rollers over time and jams them, making the landing gear in-operative.  I can get that done at Biggin Hill and Darwin, Australia or at any point along the way where I can find a grease gun and the right kind of grease…..

Count down is on….. T-10 and counting….

  1. A. Tanhaa says:

    You have invested lots of time, money, and effort in this adventure which is very commendable. Wishing you a pleasant and safe journey. Enjoy the thrilling adventure.

  2. Mirza Zafar Hussain says:

    Best of luck. Things have started getting together at last.

    • Adam says:

      Babar, as an Earthrounder “wannabe,” I can’t tell you how helpful it has been to read your contemporaneous posts as you experience this planning process and, soon, the trip itself. Please keep ‘em coming!

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