Planning – T minus 12 days (T-12)

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Adventure

We are now at T-12 (T minus 12 days) to launch !

The mechanic who was supposed to balance the prop called and cancelled out.  He apologized profusely, but I told him, no hard feelings and called another shop in Indianapolis and requested that they do it on next Saturday…they agreed.  The aircraft is being weighed today.  In two days, I will have an avionics mechanic install the backup electric Attitude Indicator (replaced the vacuum instrument last week as the bearing had started to sing) and install the HF radio.

The coveralls that were delivered were a little big on both Haris and I.  We therefore requested a replacement and the aviation company did it with a smile and shipped out the right size today with a full refund for the larger sized pair.  The good news for the day was that Mustang has shipped the SOLAS full immersion (gumby) suits.  We should have them by next week.

Last weekend we sorted out all the various “things” we have to take with us on this trip.  There is some stuff we plan to carry in our pockets – either in the coverall pockets or a special vest pocket, there is some stuff that we plan to carry in a water sealed survival bag (we will still seal everything in ziplock bags) and there is a list of items that we will discard as we go along to lessen our load as we travel.

Half of the paperwork for overgross flight condition from Hawaii to California came in.  We should get the new weight and balance by Thursday.  To make the weights and Center of Gravity (CG) work, we have to put some ballast in the front.  I asked if I could put a slightly larger oxygen tank in the front to shift the CG forward.  Seems doable so long as we have a good way anchor it.  This offers us a dual advantage, on the one hand it moves the CG forward so we can place more fuel weight in the back and on the other hand it gives us the option to fly a lot higher and take advantage of the tail winds….

Next week we still have to replace tires/tubes/brake pads, install the new locks and take a look at any other minor stuff.  Next Friday I plan to do a final oil change before our departure.  Eddie Gould of GASE is trying to get our logistics worked out for oil changes while we are enroute…..first one at Biggin Hill-London, second one in Karachi-Pakistan, third one in Darwin-Australia and the fourth one in Hawaii…..

Looks like things are coming together….irrespective of who all cancel out on us…..the count down is ON….


  1. JC Buehler says:

    Fair winds and following seas, you Intrepid Aviators!

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