Planning – Significant Glitch

Posted: May 23, 2014 in Adventure

Today the plane came back from the shop that was supposed to install the long range ferry tank and HF radio.  After the plane departed their shop, they informed me that they did not get a chance to install the HF radio.  I informed them that they had wasted my time and money as I can not enter oceanic airspace without an HF radio.  I am not really sure how to explain the impact of their action to them….. anyways…..I asked them to write down the procedure for installing the HF radio and send it to me.  I will find an avionics mechanic to figure it out and install it.

The mechanics in all countries of the world have the same mind set….the less I say the better it would be…. do I sound pissed off…. this does not even begin to describe how pissed off I am….

The plane showed up with a couple of new problems.  The left main fuel tank gauge is no longer working.  I am not sure what they did to it.  If you tap the fuel gauge the #5 exhaust gas temperature jumps sky high….something is definitely lose in the panel where the mechanics replaced a gauge….


Never a dull moment….I tried to explain to all the mechanics involved in this saga that I have a hard departure date….but did it register on them…. frickin NO !  I will get this fixed inspite of these mechanics….

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