Planning – Some good some bad

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Adventure

Finally got the FAA authorization for over gross operation from Hawaii to California on our second last leg of this trip.  This was critical to our successful completion of the whole trip.   But the route must be modified yet one more time to make sure all fuel systems are operational before we launch.  We will now have to travel to New Jersey a day before departure to allow them to complete the fuel system modification.  So, we will fly there on June 8 so they can get it done first thing on Monday, June 9.  If we are allowed to go direct to Goose Bay, we will not lose any time on our total flight plan.

The saga with the full immersion suit continues.  The company called Mustang makes one of the best immersion suits, but they are so laid back and relaxed about completing their orders that it is indeed surprising to see how they can even continue in business.  They are having difficulty shipping two immersion suits in 4 weeks after they received the order.  After careful consideration, we have decided that if the suits are not delivered by May 28, we will order brand “I” and cancel Mustang……

There are lots of small little things that are still left to do….we will keep chipping away at them to complete all of these items.  But I am confident that by the end of next week, we should be done with all of our planning and we will be ready to launch.

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