Planning – Minor Irritation requiring change

Posted: May 20, 2014 in Adventure

Due to some bureaucratic mumble-jumble, we have had to modify our flight plan.  So, now we have broken one leg into three legs.  Instead of going from Indiana to St Johns and onto to Biggin Hill, we are now going from Indiana to Bangor, Maine and then to Goose Bay, Canada.  From there we fly to Reykjavik, Iceland and then fly to Biggin Hill, near London.  This has forced us to leave earlier than planned, so we are now going to leave on June 9.

Due to shorter legs, now we can carry all of our stuff ourselves instead of mailing a bunch of stuff ahead to England.  Haris can now bring more than 4 underwear….a limit I had imposed on my Pilot in Command (PIC).  We may even be able to bring our oil with us for the first oil change.

Another small glitch was that Mustang had still not shipped our full immersion suits.  So, I called up the company that was supplying it to us.  They have come up with an alternative made by Imperial and they will ship by tomorrow.

Almost all survival gear has been ordered and/or received.  This includes doses of antibiotics and first aid items.

I have asked my “almost-lawyer” daughter to help me draft my will and a general power of attorney, just in case.  This needs to be completed by Friday.

There is a lot of small stuff still nipping at my heels…..I will get it all done by the end of next week.

We have still not ordered our survival shoes/boots.  Haris did not like the ones I showed him, so I have to keep looking….but I am not going to look for too long….he may just have to suck it up and wear whatever ugly shoes I order for him :) .

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