Planning – The Final Stretch

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Adventure

As the planning enters the final stretch, there are a lot of loose ends.  Having moved the departure date back is not helping matters at all.  We must decide today if we are going to depart on June 9th or June 10th.  My better half is of the opinion that we should launch the earliest that we can safely depart.  Had a talk with Tom Jefferies of Jeff Pilot Services to get his opinion on Haris’s Instrument Checkride.  He is all for early departure and feels he can meet the new deadline.  Tom has been very accommodating and understanding with our shortened schedule.

With our early launch date, there were lots of unfinished items, here is a list :

1. Rescue Lasers (ordered today)

2. Ditching rescue bag (ordered today)

3. Journalists vests (ordered today)

4. Manual Fuel Pump (ordered today)

5. Extra storage cards for Virb and GoPro cameras (ordered today)

6. Dual Yoke Install (Next Week)

7. Defective Attitude Indicator Install (ordered yesterday)

8. Backup Electric Attitude Indicator Install (Next Week)

9. Tires/Tubes/Brake Pad replacement (Next Week)

10. CRM Manual (should be ready by June 7)

11. Full immersion suits (not here yet)

12. Medicines (Got Prescriptions yesterday)

13. Vaccinations (Haris got his done, Mine on 28th)

14. Aircraft Battery Charger (not ordered yet)

15. Tools (ordered yesterday)

16. Minor survival items (signaling mirror etc. not ordered yet)

17. Garmin Databases (Waiting for Garmin to ship-will start bugging them tomorrow)

18. Star Navigation System install (Week after Next)

19. Prepare package to be shipped to UK with our “stuff” (Week after next)

A huge part of the load has been lifted as Eddie Gould of GASE has taken over the flight planning part.  We have also bought  a subscription to Rocket Route who now have a relationship with AcuKwik that provides all sorts of detailed info about airports, FBOs and handlers all over the world.  Over the next week or so, Eddie will be finalizing our route of flight and we will all work very hard to have no or minimal variations to the original plan, for that is where Murphy lives….

The FAA had asked which legs in our trip we will be flying over gross.  In my lack of wisdom, I asked for 7 or 8 legs.  They came back with a lot of concerns.  We really needed the permit for only two legs but since they were asking I thought what the heck, lets ask for the kingdom….Well, that is not how things work.  We have to be more exact in precise in everything we do.  Lesson learned….so now we must file for the two legs Monday morning to get this done by Thursday when our ferry pilot picks up the plane from New Jersey and delivers it to our maintenance shop in Birmingham, Alabama.

On June 7, the local Indianapolis community is giving us a send off bash at the Greenwood Airport.  The local EAA chapter has organized a young eagles flying event, my friend Greg Mahler has agreed to do a fly-by in a 3 plane warbird formation with their smoke canisters on for the event and there is obviously going to be FOOD !  No event is ever good or productive without food….

So, here is the question again….what have we not thought of so far….what have we missed….. we are getting to the bottom of our extensive checklist that we maintain in Excel…..

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