Planning – Setback

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Adventure

Found out that the Attitude Indicator (AI) is on the fritz.  The bearing is making weird noises and we don’t have time to overhaul, so we will have to replace it.  We are running out of time…..

Time for some drastic decision making.  Talked with an avionics guy today to replace the AI and also install an electric AI.  This will give us two Attitude Indicators, one vacuum based and one will be electric.  This change needs to happen as soon as possible to allow us the time to test the two systems.

Haris has been offered an opportunity to deliver a Cessna Cardinal in North Dakota, about 700 miles from Indy.  His instrument instructor will be with him and they will clock his PIC time and do a lot of instrument work enroute.  Poor guy is working his butt off to get everything done before we launch.  Oh well, he is young and can rough it up….


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