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Posted: May 15, 2014 in Flying

Today was a good day…

Winslow people shipped the raft with survival gear today and included the desalinator kit as I had requested it.  This raft actually belongs to my mentor, Bill Compton, who shipped it to Winslow from Alaska.  Thank you Bill.

The folks from Star Navigation have been in New Jersey locating and figuring out where to install the ISMS lite system in the plane.  After some deliberations and discussions, we have agreed on the location of the various components.  The actual install will take place when the plane comes back to Birmingham, Alabama for some more maintenance like tire/tube/brake pad replacement and swapping out single yoke for dual control yokes.

The Air Mod people have submitted overgross flight permit application to the FAA today.  I gave them the overgross segments that we will be flying during this trip.  There is a chance that we may need overgross permission for 7 segments….really 4, but 7 to be on the safe side.

Another point that may have to be cussed/discussed with the handlers is the final route selection and our intention of going directly to Shannon/London from St Johns, Canada.  If we get the plane back by next Wednesday, we will go direct, if it is later, we may have to go thru Iceland…..we’ll see.

The folks at Daily Mail in UK published a story about this trip….



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