Planning – Missing Items

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Adventure

So what all is missing :

1. Need to replace the three tires, tubes and brake pads

2. Need to replace the single throw over yoke with dual control yoke

3. Check out fuel bladders…..big unknown….

4. Check Aileron Rigging

5. Replace #3 and #4 fuel injectors and test fly and do another GAMI Lean Test to see how engine performs with new injectors

6. Get ISMS Lite – real time monitoring system installed in the plane by Star Navigation

7. Get the Handlers (Eddie Gould) to finalize and start giving me some warm and fuzzies about our flight plan thru 5 continents, over 3 oceans and thru 22 countries…..

8. Raft is still not here – will call them every day until they delver starting tomorrow.

9. SOLAS full immersion suits are due by the end of the month….not a very comforting feeling….

10. Will call Garmin tomorrow to get them to send the GPS data cards


What am I missing….

  1. Bill Banks says:

    Babar: I have read all the material on your website with incredible interest. what a noble cause and real adventure. just the planning alone is so interesting. I will be watching for updates and watch as you make your “way round”. Best of luck…

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