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Posted: May 3, 2014 in Adventure

So, its getting hectic.  The avionics people from Jeppesen sent a final quote for my route of flight.  I need to install, test and prepare the route of flight and reporting points on the iPad maps.  The databases have been paid for and navdata card was updated with the worldwide data last night.  The JeppView application has yet to be installed as I forgot the iPad in the plane…. Oh, well….

This week end the local fox news channel has agreed to do an exclusive story on our flight.  So, we need to get together with them on Sunday morning for a photo shoot and an interview.  Sunday night I have to drop off the plane to get air bags installed in the harness style seat belts in Birmingham.  Another pilot will pick me up and take me to my temporary home airport in Alabama where my car is parked.  Monday night I get the plane back and bring it to my temporary home airport.  Tuesday and Wednesday my mechanic removes the rear 4 seats, carpet, writing table and rear baggage compartment to reduce weight and to make room for the extra fuel tank installation.  Finally got the long range fuel tank installer to give me a slot for installing the turtle pac in the plane.  Need to drop off the plane next Friday in New Jersey, then somehow get to Philly airport to fly to Indy to attend a friends daughter’s graduation from Dental School.  Way to go Sarah….congratulations, young lady !

In talking with the fuel tank installer, his advice is to not do a single hop from Canada to UK right after installing the tank but to slowly test the various load configurations throughout the flight until the flight from Hawaii to California.  He asked me to modify my flight plan and instead of going to St Johns, got to Goose Bay, stay the night and next morning fly to Rekjavik, Iceland and then on to UK.  Fine, we will do that.

We get the plane back on May 18 and on Monday I remove and replace the single yoke to dual control yokes so both pilot and co-pilot can fly….we plan to do the last oil change around June 7 and then stow the plane until the start of the trip…. we still have not started our vaccinations and time seems to be running out…..

  1. Mirza Zafar Hussain says:

    Best of luck

  2. Mirza Zafar Hussain says:

    Wish you best of luck. I am sure professionals would have given you the best advice.
    May Almighty Allah bless you all and may you have favouable winds and clear skies all the way.

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