Planning – Digital Gizmos and Sea Survival

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Adventure

The list of survival items is long and has to be carefully reviewed as the weight limitations require us to carry only the essentials.  To that end, so far this is what we have ordered:


Full immersion suit, EPIRB, PLB, Tether Line, Sea Streamers, Sea Sickness tablets, Winslow 4 person ocean going raft with desalinator kit, medical kit, medicine kit….











Digital Gizmos

Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone, Satellite modem, Ipad (Air + Mini), Garmin 796, Handheld VHF radio, InReach from Delorme, solar chargers, extra long life batteries, GoPro 3 & Garmin Virb Cameras, Canon EOS camera


During flight over vast expanses of water like the Atlantic and the Pacific, we will be wearing the orange Gumby suit while flying and we will be following a survival protocol that we learned while at the Sea Survival and ditching course at the Survival Systems school in Groton, Connecticut.  Likewise, the two type of PLB’s will be on our bodies, to be activated one at a time and each time the battery depletes we will activate the next one.  We plan to be able to broadcast our GPS position continuously for 7 days before the batteries run out.  The rechargeable items like iPads, cameras, Delorme Inreach, Satellite phone will all be charged using our solar chargers.  The InReach unit can broadcast our exact location continuously for 500 minutes, and with the solar chargers, we could extend that time…..this is all theory and I hope we don’t have to apply all of this knowledge in real life….

One of the things that i wanted to have with us was a small sized harpoon gun.  But the survival systems people told me that if I had it with me, to not try to scare away a shark.  Reason being, that the small size of the spear will probably make the shark real mad and things would then escalate with Shark coming out on top….same was the case with the sea dye.  Sounded like a good idea, but the dye attracts sharks….so, no go.

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