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Posted: April 25, 2014 in Adventure

As the route of flight got finalized, we want to find out more about each of our destination airports.  We plan to do a flyby on google earth to get used to seeing what to expect prior to arrival.  We also found out that the airport we selected in UK does not have the kind of gasoline we use in our plane.  We had to fish around and find an airport that had the fuel, but they did not have customs and immigration.  But luckily we found out that UK allows pre submittal and pre clearance for immigration….

So, our final route of flight is :

KHFY (Greenwood, Indiana) – KBGR (Bangor, Maine)

KBGR (Bangor, Maine) – CYYT (St. Johns, Canada)

CYYT (St. Johns, Canada) – EGKT (Oxfordshire, UK) – had to change

EGKT (Oxfordshire, UK) – LTBA (Istanbul, Turkey)

LTBA (Istanbul, Turkey) – HEOC (Cairo, Egypt)

HEOC (Cairo, Egypt) – HESN (Aswan, Egypt)

HESN (Aswan, Egypt) – OMFJ (Fujairah, UAE) – had to change

OMFJ (Fujairah, UAE) – OPKC (Karachi, Pakistan)

OPKC (Karachi, Pakistan) – OPRN (Islamabad)

OPRN (Islamabad) – OPLA (Lahore, Pakistan)

OPLA (Lahore, Pakistan) – VTBD (Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand) – had to change

VTBD (Don Mueang, Bangkok, Thailand) – WADD (Bali, Indonesia)

WADD (Bali, Indonesia) – YPDN (Darwin, Australia)

YPDN (Darwin, Australia) – YBBN (Brisbane, Australia)

YBBN (Brisbane, Australia) – NFFN (Nadi, Fiji)

NFFN (Nadi, Fiji) – NSTU (Pago Pago, American Samoa)

NSTU (Pago Pago, American Samoa) – PLCH (Christmas Island, Kiribati)

PLCH (Christmas Island, Kiribati) – PHKO (Kano, Hawaii)

PHKO (Kano, Hawaii) – KMHR (Sacramento Mather, California)

KMHR (Sacramento Mather, California) – KHFY (Greenwood, Indiana)

  1. Marcus says:

    for Thailand, consider U-Tapao Int’l airport near Pattaya instead of Don Muang in BKK.

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