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Posted: March 23, 2014 in Adventure

I believe it was in 2006 or 2007 that I heard about Dr John Coale, a circumnavigator, who went solo in a pressurized Cessna 210.  We were in Texas visiting a family friend when I reached out to John Coale and he agreed to meet us at Brenham Airport for Lunch.   Haris, myself and my host and friend Fayyaz Syed flew to Brenham in my Cessna Skylane (C182).  I had a million questions, but due to the short time, I could only get to drink just a little bit from the fire hose and it was time for us to depart.  But John ignited a desire in me to do what he had done in 2004.  He told me about the amount of weight in paper charts and maps he had to carry and also had them delivered enroute where he dumped the old charts and took on new ones.  All of that poundage has now been replaced with charts on an Ipad and Garmin 796 with data from Jeppesen in the Garmin 530 panel mount GPS.  Since I have been planning my trip, I must have stirred and kicked up some dust that John noticed and sent me an email today.  I immediately responded and reminded him that he is the one that inspired me to take this huge step……. Thank you, John…..

Today, I flew with Tom Jefferies of Jeff Air Pilot Services LLC on an Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) in my Bonanza.  Last week I had flown an IPC with Tom in my Baron.  Tom is an ex Airline/Ferry/trans-continental pilot.  He is supervising Haris’ flight training and is now developing a Crew Resource Management (CRM) training and manual for Haris and I to use during our flight.  He has included some items in that manual that I had not considered before….. its all about learning….. there is soooo much to learn !

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