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Posted: March 8, 2014 in Adventure

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Today being a Friday, time to come home to Indianapolis from my project in Meridian, Mississippi.  I decided to surprise Haris, who I knew was going to be flying with his instructor today.  I filed my flight plan for Greenwood, Indiana, the airport where Haris is working with my long time friend and Certified Flight Instructore (CFI) Cliff Allen.  Since Greenwood is an uncontrolled airport, I started making my radio calls from 15 miles out.  As I got into the pattern at Greenwood, I heard Haris’ radio call waiting for the incoming plane to land before he could take off.  I called out Haris and asked him how he was doing….he was surprised to find me in the pattern.  I landed and he took off with his instructor.  They started doing touch and go’s.  After about the sixth one, a friend of mine asked if Haris was going to Solo today and I told him that probably not.  He said, Haris’s instructor was walking towards his truck and the plane was still moving…… Cliff had signed Haris off for his first Solo without telling me !  Surprise !  Cookie was equally shocked and surprised, but I grabbed my phone to make a video…..Haris has Solo’d…..

  1. Marc says:

    Haris solo’d only 4 months before a round the world flight?

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