Planning – Yet Mo Planning

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Adventure

The final route selection is again up  in the air.  The reason is that now we have a  very good chance of being able to acquire a pair of “Dolly Parton” tip tanks or as they are affectionately called dollies.  My current tip tanks are 20 gallon a side that will be replaced by the dollies that have an authorized capacity of 80 gallons a side, thus giving us a total of 234 gallons allowing us to get about 2400 mile range, and hence the name after “Miss Dolly Parton” who is rather well endowed… pilots are a funny breed.  This puts us in range to fly from Hawaii to California without too much trouble….. so, here we go again….On a brighter note, I have found the documentation that will allow me to install the dollies without much hassle from the Feds….

While going thru the list of countries, their visa requirements, landing permits and overfly permits, we found “health requirements”.  We need vaccinations and booster shots for Yellow fever, Typhoid and a few other deadly diseases and also we should be on Malaria medication two weeks prior to departure.  Along the route, we will also be required to “de-insect” the plane and spray disinfectants in the plane.  Interesting….to say the least……but this is all part of planning…..

I have also put together a list of medicines to take with us for stuff like common cold all the way up to serious stomach illnesses…..

  1. I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  2. Azher Ali Choudhry says:

    Time spent on planning is time well spent.

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