Planning…Mo Planning

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Adventure

Had a long talk with Bill Compton today about the range, speed and calculations required for the entire trip.  Bill also pointedly asked about the condition of the tires, struts (when they were overhauled) and the landing gear system (when it was overhauled).  I informed Bill that the plan was to change all three tires and tubes about 10 hours before our scheduled departure.  He also quizzed me on my LOP (lean of peak) operation and other very technical things, to make sure I was headed in the right direction.  Bill will be shipping his ocean going raft, that he will lend to me for this trip, as soon as he gets back to Alaska.

Bill Compton also introduced me to an aspiring earth rounder who had purchased the large capacity “dolly parton” tanks in anticipation of his future round the world trip.  This pilot offered to let me use the tanks for free for the trip with the caveat that I would buy them from him now and upon successful completion of the trip, he would buy them  back from me for the same amount of money….that is only fair.

I have made contact and have scheduled to fly with John Collins, the avionics instructor/guru on Sunday morning in South Carolina.  On Sunday afternoon, I plan to fly with Rick Ott……

On the last flight, due to heat from the sun, the portable avionics items sitting on the glareshield/dash got too hot and started shutting down.  I have started brainstorming to determine what kind of a heat shield I need to protect these instruments.  Some fellow pilots came up with very creative solutions which can not be repeated in a respectable setting, like this blog….

We are also trying to determine our stops along the way wherever there are TCF chapters.  England and Italy are on the list for now, but will add to it as we get more info from TCF.

Things do seem to be coming together….. just need to plan, plan and plan….then plan some more…..

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